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Family Protection

Virtue Financial have access to dedicated research and analysis systems that provide the latest information in an ever changing world.

We can only offer products from a limited number of insurers for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Non Profit Whole of Life and Income Protection insurance. A list of the insurers we offer products from is available on request.

We offer advice and solutions to meet your personal needs. 

We advise on the most tax efficient means of benefits required.

We will not charge a fee as we receive commission from the Insurance provider if a new policy is required.

We will advise on creation of a Trust if necessary for Life Insurance policies and also on impact of tax charges on trusts and give solutions bearing in mind legislation that came into being in the Finance Act 2006 and in particular entry, periodic and exit charges that may apply to Life Insurance policies in trust.

The following text is an extract from a letter sent from an Orphanage that Virtue Financial have supported.

"Just as there are no two identical leaves on a tree so there are no two people with the same destiny. Of course, there are similar human fates, some very similar. But it never happens that two fates are exactly alike. The distinction, however between human fates are striking. Some lives are covered with flowers while others only pick weeds. We often hear people talking about their broken lives; how they became useless to everyone in the world. But the heart bleeds most to see unfortunate children. They are too small, have no possibility to settle their life, and they are not to blame to have been born in 'difficult' families. People say that childhood is a golden period in life. When we grow up, we feel a little sad remembering the years of our childhood when we did not have a care for anything: food, clothes or even what would happen tomorrow. Children are sure their parents will take care of everything. They are happy and greet every day with pleasure and a smile.

But there are also children who do not know such a childhood, nor family comfort, nor parents caress. They are compelled to bear hunger, cold and disdain of others. We can only guess how they suffer when they look at their friends playing, walking with their parents or going to school well dressed.

There is a "Boys Town" for orphans and children from "problem" families in the village Bortnyky near Lviv (Ukraine).  Presently 18 children live in this "Boys Town". Some were found in the street where they were begging. The children's ages are from 7-16 years.

Volodya (16), Igor (14) and Vitaliy (10) are brothers. Their father died in an accident 5 years ago. After his death their mother began drinking alcohol a lot what caused her death a few years later. The boys are orphans and have no place to live. They were brought to the "Boys Town" by one of their relatives."

This is a copy of an email sent to Virtue Financial by an orphanage that we have supported. I thought it might serve as a reminder to parents to ensure your children are financially cared for should an unexpected event happen.  Please contact us if you want to discuss family protection including the use of trusts to ensure tax efficency.

The FCA does not regulate trusts and some forms of Tax planning.

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